The foolproof formula for the perfect golf holiday

When you spend money on a golf holiday, you want VALUE. So how about we give you a formula that delivers that desired value every time? The following four ingredients make up our recipe for holiday success—and this recipe works for everyone. So let’s discuss the basics of holiday enjoyment. First, we’ll show you how forethought is a key ingredient to enjoying every day of your vacation. Then we’ll discuss money matters, and how a lack of cash can be a real downer. Who you go with is also an important aspect we’ll talk about. Finally, we’ll talk golf in its rawest form and show you how to really become the golfing hero of your holiday group.

Timing is everything – so be prepared

Preparation will always set you up for a better holiday. Spontaneity is all good and well, but when it comes to being in another country, unexpected events are often unnerving. Ways you can prepare for your holiday are:

  • Pack for the weather. Check out a good weather forecast and make an educated decision about what clothes to pack for your trip.
  • Book your flights in advance so that you pay less. It’s also one less thing to worry about when departure time finally arrives.
  • Get a feel for what to expect at your accommodation and golf course. Sit on the phone with staff at these facilities and ask as many questions as possible.

Money can’t buy happiness – but it can buy a decent holiday

Holidays should never exclude a decent amount of cash. The freedom of being able to spend without hesitating is a key factor in holiday enjoyment. Preparation comes in here once again. If you plan your holiday way in advance, you will have plenty of time to save up for it. Give yourself at least four months before the time so that you have a spending budget of more than you are likely to need. It’s better to have too much than too little.

Go with golfers – leave the naggers behind

No one is against going on vacation with your family. But when it comes to a golf holiday, remember that the topic of conversation in your head will be predominantly golf. For this reason, make sure you go with people who are into golf as much you are. You’ll find it refreshing to be around friends or family members who suggest golf course visits, practice sessions, or who simply provide you with tips for playing better. If you go on holiday, take your family. If you go on a GOLF holiday, take your golf buddies.

Get your head in the game – maps, strategies and other fun stuff

There are some awesome ways you can guarantee great golf on your holiday. Try the following :

  • Download maps of the courses in your immediate holiday area. Study these maps during your free time and work out some good strategies for achieving an above par score. This not only ensures a great game when it arrives, but also adds to the anticipation of playing.
  • Spend time working on the skills you struggle with most. European golf courses often pose challenges that test all your skills. Approach your holiday as an all-rounder and you’re sure to do well.

So now that you have all the knowledge you need, book your holiday right away. Life is short so spend your time wisely with people you like being around and on things you enjoy doing. If you’re wise about your holiday, you’ll recognise that enjoyment factor every single time you travel.

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