5 Factors To Consider If You Want To Buy A Driver

A golf driver is the biggest and longest golf club used by a golfer; moreover it is the most expensive part of a golfer’s equipment. These golf clubs are very difficult to use for beginner. Hence, beginners face a tough challenge to choose the appropriate driver for their game. Several things must be considered when choosing your driver.

Golfers love to hit long distances; the driver is the perfect club that delivers greater distances. With advancement in technology, the golf drivers nowadays are capable of hitting incredibly long distances. The club heads are made out of metal alloys or advanced materials replacing the wooden counterparts of earlier times.

From the last few years, several manufacturers of golf equipment have adopted the technology of adjustable drivers that allow players to set up various attributes of the club to make it more customized. The adjustable drivers enable a golfer to vary the loft angles across wide ranges, adjust angle of the club face, lie angle, and the gravitational center of your club head.

Large Club heads

If you have just begun to play golf should use drivers having a 460cc club head; these drivers have been in the fore for the past few years, and it is the maximum permissible size in the USGA. Drivers having bigger club heads help you improve your golf techniques to a great extent. The golf clubs are capable of producing best shots, even if you do not hit the ball perfectly.

Regular & Graphite Flex Clubs

Other than choosing the perfect driver, you must pair the driver with clubs having a stiff or extra hard flex club shaft. Graphite club shafts provide more consistency to the golfer to hit the golf ball. Flexible club shafts help a beginner to effectively increase the club head’s impact when hitting the golf ball. Greater impact will lead to an increase in the distance traveled by the ball.

Importance of High Loft

Beginners normally tend to forget about this aspect while purchasing a driver. Golf beginners must choose the driver having a high loft because the shot will be hampered by side spin if the ball is hit with a club having lower loft. Hence, it will take more time to get the perfect swing so that the ball flies higher and straighter.

Importance of Grip

A good driver’s grip helps a golfer to control their club properly when hitting the ball. He golfer’s hands work in tandem effectively to develop suitable swing speed along with delivering club head at a squared angle on the ball, thereby making accurate shots.

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