Things To Remember If You Want To Have Fun While Golfing In Portugal

Few golf destinations have greater appeal than Portugal, particularly the Algarve, when it comes to combining the quality of the courses with the tourist infrastructure, and of course climate.

  • There are regular flights from most regional airports into the region’s capital and airport, Faro.

  • Flight times are only around 3 hours from the UK so it is possible to fly and play the same day; a great advantage when time is tight.

  • The region is fairly compact with great transport links.

  • There are accommodation alternatives for all budgets.

  • Golf course choice ranges from Championship courses to 9 hole alternatives with something to suit players of all abilities.

The climate of Northern Europe is unpredictable, and winters are rarely conducive to enjoyable golf. The Algarve offers mild winters, warm weather for many months of the year and golf course in good condition all year round. When golf is the main reason for the break it is important to choose a place where the weather will be fine and courses in an excellent state of repair. If you want to be certain of enjoying yourself you should ensure the courses you select are balanced so that even the poorest golfer in your group will be able to speak positively about the game; not too much water perhaps?

When it comes to choosing a base for your golfing holiday there are several alternatives. The Algarve has a fairly well-developed tourist infrastructure and you need to remember that you will be spending plenty of time off the golf course as well. That means deciding on how you want to spend your time away from the course. You should look for somewhere that offers plenty of other things to do:

  • A beach, warm sea and perhaps water sports.

  • Accommodation with leisure facilities perhaps?

  • A good range of bars and restaurants. Remember that Portuguese cuisine is famous with fresh fish being particularly popular here, together with the fresh produce, herbs and olive oil from the locality.

You may decide to stay fairly close to Faro but that is just one of the alternatives that offer all you will need to have a great holiday. You can find out much more about places like Albufeira, Portimao and similar towns by looking online and asking the opinion of someone that specialises in golf and the Algarve.

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