Advice That Will Help To Improve Your Golf Game In A Week

Quick fixes

As the saying goes, "a week is long time in politics" but improvement in your golf game usually comes slower. Many players work on their game over the winter and start the golf season with a new swing. Nick Faldo famously took two years to remodel his swing and came out of the wilderness a new player.

If however, you don't have the luxury of time and you need to improve your game in a week - maybe you have a round on Saturday with your boss - this article will give you some tips that will help you make fast progress.

Correct your weak shot

Most amateur players struggle to control a slice. If your bad shot is a slice, spend the week correcting your swing path and straightening out your ball flight. You can find plenty of advice and drills online that will help you define your fault. You can even video your swing on your phone and email the video to a professional who will help you correct your faults in a week. With an hour of dedicated practice every night, you could have a new swing by the weekend.

Get some short game lessons

A good short game (chipping, putting and bunkers) is the ultimate golfing quick fix. If your driving is wayward and you don't have time to correct it in a week, you can cover up a lot of sins with your short game. Golf professionals rarely get requests for short game lessons as most amateur golfers are only interested in hitting the long ball, so they will likely be happy to share their short game wisdom.

Aim right

Making sure you are aligned correctly in golf is difficult due to the fact that a player has to stand to the side of the ball and aim out of one eye. With most other sports (tennis, pool) the player can get behind the ball and look down the target with both eyes. Because of these inherent difficulties, many golfers play for years not realizing that they are aimed way off. It is impossible to start drives and putts off on the right line if you are aimed incorrectly. A quick drill to fix this is to lay two clubs down on the ground while you are practicing. The first club should be outside the ball and aiming at the flag. The second club should be along your toe line and also aiming at the flag. Setting up this "box" will ensure that you are aiming where you intend the ball to go.

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