4 Pointers To Help You Develop Your Golf Long Game Strategy

The golf long game is something we all have wondered at. How come the professionals hit the long distance shots the way they do, with such ease. When you see them it looks like they don’t even try that hard, but the drives they hit travels long ad straight.

There are some amateurs, not too well versed in the technicalities of the game that attribute the success of long game to superior equipments. Actually, nothing can be further from the truth, because a solid long game strategy and hard work are the only two things that matter. The following 4 points are presented to help you develop a solid strategy.

  1. Let’s begin with the most basic point – improving the mechanical fundamentals. That’s right, in order to reduce mishits and make pure contact and better the control over direction and distance, perfecting your technique is a must. Moreover, you can’t get better suddenly, it requires you to understand your own game, analyze it, and watch the pros perform, make necessary changes, and practice long and hard.
  2. Along with improvement in technique, working on your decision making ability is essential. Many a times the choices we make contribute more to the success or failure of a long game shot, than any other skill. For example: Sometimes a person’s ego gives birth to a decision against better judgment. Like, thinking that you can clear a water hazard only if you had perfectly executed a hit using the 3-wood. You can improve decision making ability by observing others play, reading, playing plenty of games, trying things out, making mistakes, and correcting them.
  3. The third tip is to reduce unacceptable mishits that forces you to play at least one extra shot. A lot of times these types of mistakes are the result of poor execution. You may have a good understanding of the mechanical fundamentals; have excellent decision making ability; mentally strong, relaxed, and focused mind, but if the execution is faulty then you can never consistently hit long game shots.
  4. Improve the percentage of clean hits. Once you’ve worked on all essential fundamentals, that includes the technique, mental ability, decision making, and cutting faulty shots, you’ll have with you a decent long game. Now, it’s up to you to get these basics right each and every time. Consistency and success go hand-in-hand. With regular practice you’ll improve consistency, and if you can execute long shots on a regular basis, you will easily improve the percentage of successful long game shots.

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