Professional Recommendations On How To Choose Golf Irons

Golf irons can be a hard purchase if you consider buying them. Even though they are the most costly golf clubs in your bag, they might not attract you so much since their benefits are not immediately apparent. You might think that you can spend at least 5 years with your irons since the technology does not change so often. However, the fact is that there are many more materials available in irons like tungsten, titanium, etc. You will find difference in center of gravity with different clubs. Here is how you can buy irons wisely?

Determine the type you want

Determine the kind of irons that are right for your game. You can choose from:

  • Player’s irons- the golfer with highest level of ability use these irons. They give the best reaction if used correctly.

  • Game improvement clubs- They are good for average golfers since they are designed to generate longer and straighter shots, even if you miss hitting the ball in the middle of clubface.

  • Super game improvement clubs- They are designed for players with higher handicap.


Observe how much you are willing to spend on a set of irons. You can buy a new set for $1500 to $2000, or you can buy a used set for $500 from the last season. Buying an year-old set of golf clubs hardly makes any difference if you are ready to compromise with the looks.

Shaft flex

Shaft flex is the extent to which the club can bend. It comes in ranges like Ladies, Senior, Stiff, Extra Stiff, and Regular. Some manufacturers of golf clubs offer different flexes for female golfers. To determine the extent of shaft flex you want, you need to determine your speed of swing. The more swing speed is, the stiffer your club shaft must be. If your swing speed is slow, you must hit with a little flexible shaft. On the other hand, if your swing speed is high, choose a stiffer shaft. Else, you may lose control of your directions.


You cannot quantify the feeling of using irons, but it plays a crucial part in the selection process. You must try irons with graphite shaft and steel shaft. Graphite shaft may please you if you want the club to absorb vibration.


A seasoned club fitter may get you a customized club according to your tee. A well-suited club will not frustrate you on the course in case you happen to play badly some day.

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