Pre-Shot Routine Off The Tee - 5 Golf Tips For Dummies

There is still a section of the golfing community that is not fully aware of pre-shot routine. Actually, every player has his/her own pre-shot routine, but they are not conscious of it. Having a decent pre-shot routine is of vital importance as it adds control and consistency to your game. In this article we’ve presented 5 easy tips to improve your pre-shot routine off the tee.

  1. Positivity is the key here; instead of thinking of the things to avoid before the shot off the tee, focus on what you want to achieve. You’re hitting the drive to achieve something (i.e.) to land the ball on the target spot you’ve fixed. That should occupy your thought, so forget about the hazards or the rough or all the possible negative outcomes of the shot.

  2. The first step to take is to position the ball on the tee and stand behind the tee to find the ball to target line. Since you’re going to play the drive, the target, of course, would be some 150-175 yards away. So, to find the ball to target line, pick a spot that sits on the line that joins the ball and target.

  3. The second step of the pre-shot routine is moving to the side of the ball and attempting a couple of practice swings. Take the practice swing seriously by assuming the proper stance and aligning the shoulders, hips, and feet square to the target line.

  4. Step three involves dividing the practice swing drill into two sessions. The first session should have 2-3 swings and your focus must be on some of the key swing technicalities. Concentrate only on swing fundamentals during the first practice swing session. During the second session forget about the technique and focus only on getting the flow of the swing right.

  5. The pre-shot routine is the foundation that sets up the whole drive, so if at any point of time you lose concentration or feel distracted, pull away and after a few seconds repeat the whole routine again.

With all the steps of pre-shot routine off the tee taken care of, all that’s left is for you to play the drive. When attempting the drive, thinking too much about the technique will only increase stress that would lead to a mishit. Focus on the stance and setup and during the swing, forget about the technique and focus on the hitting a smooth and rhythmic shot.

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