General Tips On How To Hit The Ball High In Golf

Hitting a high ball can be helpful during certain plays. Achieving this depends on how you play the ball on the green and how you use your iron. This is especially true if you are playing with a wedge or short iron and need the ball to land softly on the green after contact. Hitting a high ball the best way possible helps you avoid obstacles or hazards in the ball’s path. This is also another way to play the ball during windy conditions and use the wind to help you get the ball in the area you want. Here are some tips to consider when achieving a high ball in golf.

  • Your stance from the ball can be closer. Check your stance before you hit the ball. Some players are not close enough to the ball. This could create a problem when you come in to swing and follow through.
  • The length of your irons can make a difference in how the ball is played in your stance. This is a good opportunity to check your irons and consider changing them to see which one will give the best results. Some may recommend using a long iron depending on distance you are trying to achieve.
  • Think about how to use your pitching wedge more effectively. The pitching wedge can be a good choice to use, but make sure you are effectively using it to your advantage. Check aspects such as your posture, grip and swing.
  • When you are further out from the hole about 80 yards or so consider a gap wedge. The gap wedge can help you get more height due to its design. This will give good results when you follow through with a complete swing.
  • To help the ball get in the air higher bend your knees at address. Bending your knees can help you stay calm and focused. This also helps channel energy necessary to complete the shot with results. As your knees are bent slightly your feet should be spread apart for good balance. You may end up stretching your knees a little as you move to swing through.
  • The ball tee can be higher when you want to hit the ball high. Consider changing the height of your tee and how the ball sits from the ground before taking your shot.

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