Professional Advice On How To Fix Your Hybrid Play Faults

Hybrid golf clubs are relatively easier to play and with constant use, you can even make them your favorite golf clubs. With hybrids, you can perform better in long fairway rounds of golf. Depending upon your course’s length, you can carry as many as three hybrids and you iron should not be longer than 5. It is easy to hit hybrids in the middle of face. They fly at greater height and have a softer landing than long irons- this is of course important on extended approach shots. Unlike the misconceptions about hybrids, they are more workable and versatile even for chip shots.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not hit it like a fairway wood. Rather, strike with it like an iron. When you hit down on your ball using a hybrid, make a small divot. And, you will find it easy to operate it like a middle iron.

The typical hybrid shot

The shaft of a hybrid club is a little longer than its corresponding iron. Therefore, you can set up your golf ball in more or less same manner as you do with irons. For a typical hybrid shot, keep the ball in the center of stance with your body weight centered. The hands must be aligned with your golf ball, your hips, feet and shoulders should be even with the target. While you bring the club backwards and take a swing, ensure that you take a descending blow while hitting the ball. You should not use a motion of sweeping, like you do with your fairway wood. You can move your right portion through your ball and conclude high with all your weight on your left leg.

The low hybrid tug

Your natural shape of shot might be a little straight with some tug. However, you might find yourself in circumstances when you are required to produce a ball flight at lower height, with curve that goes right to left. To achieve this effect, you can set your ball a little back of middle, your weight on your left portion and your stance closed. You do not have to manipulate your hands at the address to make a draw. Nevertheless, you can release your hands through the impact. You can swing more around your body and when you play your ball back, it will help you take such swing. This will lead you to a finish, which is lower in height than your standard swing.

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