5 Things You Might Not Know About The Proper Putting Setup

The proper putting setup can take time to perfect and there are various elements contributing to the concept. In many cases it may have something to do with how you swing the ball and how you view where the ball will travel. Other elements such as your stance and grip can also affect the end result. Here are 5 things to think about when considering the best way to create proper putting setup.

  1. Have relaxed locked grip when holding putter to ensure you are in control. A relaxed grip gives the golfer control while the swing is being completed. A tight grip often results in a poor shot with lack of accuracy. Make sure you are not tense. Allowing tension to build in hands could also contribute to a tight grip.
  2. Have a grip you are comfortable with but try not to have one hand dominating the other. This helps create a smooth stroke. A smooth stroke keeps the entire motion balanced. You are more likely to create the right amount of “push” necessary behind the ball to get it to its target in a straight line. Your hands should work together to maintain balance through the swing motion.
  3. Have proper stance to ensure you address ball properly. Weight should be toward your toes instead of your heels or back of the foot. The positioning of your feet should be spread while being in line with your shoulders. Watch positioning of the ball from your feet and ensure club head will line up with the ball upon contact.
  4. Keep upper body balanced while completing your stoke. Improper balance is not good for your legs, especially your knees. Maintaining balance plays a role in how you swing and contact the ball. If you have poor balance this could also affect how the ball lines up with the target. Try not to be tense and carry tension. Just relax and take the shot when you feel comfortable in your stance.
  5. Work on improving your stoke. One idea is to hit the ball with your eyes closed to focus on making the stroke versus just hitting the ball. There are players that do this on the course, but you can try this as a form of practice to get the hang of making the proper stroke motion.

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