A List Of Simple Putting Tips For Golf Players

Having a great putting stroke is a must for any golfer wanting to improve his/her game. In this article, we’ve listed a few simple tips that can significantly improve your putting ability and accuracy.

  1. Don’t take putting lightly. It covers half of the score (i.e.) 36 strokes on a par-72 course. In the case of putting, we don’t want to reserve the best tip for the last. The most important thing to do is consider putting on par with other golf shots and give equal attention to it. Most golfers are only keen on practicing drives and relegate putting in the bottom of their priority list. To improve your overall game and score, take lessons on putting and practice regularly on and off the course.
  2. We all know that ball position is as important as the swing when it comes to putting. Putting is all about rolling the ball on the greens, so be extremely careful where you position the ball. Ideally, the best spot to place the ball is either at the center or slightly forward in your stance.
  3. Opinion on the ideal grip style for putting differs from player to player. What you should bear in mind is when playing the putting stroke never grip the club too tightly. To execute a smooth putting stroke it’s vital to have relaxed hands, arms, and shoulders.
  4. Strive for a relaxed, but firm grip on the putter. This is essential because the club head that weighs about half a kilo is difficult to control with a light grip. Never use the palm; rely on the forefinger of your left hand and thumb of both hands to control the grip when playing the putt. Moreover, curl the forefinger of your right hand under the club shaft.
  5. When playing the putt your eyes should be directly over the ball. You can ensure this either with the help of a training tool like Putter Wheel or use the following simple drill. Assume the address position and observe the ball. If you’re able to see the dimples near the equator, on the side, that’s facing you then it means you’re too far from the ball. On the other hand, if you can see the dimples at the equator, on the side, pointing away from you then you’re standing too close to the ball.
  6. When you’re sufficiently familiar with the fundamentals of putting, add this simple drill to your regular practice session. Assume the normal putting stance, setup, and just before you start the swing close the eyes and play the stroke. This way you’ll be more focused on getting the swing right, instead of observing the ball.

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