Simple Methods To Enhance The Accuracy Of Your Tee Shots

The tee shot may look simple enough but when you actually practice your shot, you may find that the ball does not end up in the place it should. This is often because you may have mistimed your shots and ended up hitting the ball out of bounds. Acing a tee shot is a simple matter of practice and maintaining the right stance and grip. If you follow the below mentioned steps, you will be able to play the tee shot like a pro:

  • Choose a club that suits you
  • It is important to hit the ball straight and further but you do this with a simple golf club as well. There is no need to bring out the driver if you are not comfortable with it. You can easily ace your tee shots with a 3-wood or 5-wood club. Remember it’s all about how you strike the ball so make sure you get a club that you can use properly and control.

  • Tee the ball accurately
  • You need to tee the ball properly in order to hit the ball well. You can tee the ball with half of it above your golf club and the other half below. This is neither too high nor low and it will help you swing the ball hard and fast.

  • Maintain your swing
  • It is better not to slice the ball and see the ball flying way beyond the greens. A good tee shot involves maintaining your swing and grip. You should stay focused on your target and keep your swing steady.

  • Master your turn
  • You can really ace the tee shot by controlling your upper body. You need to move along with your upper body and use your shoulders to swing the ball. Keeping your lower body stable will help provide more power and you will see the ball really take off. Once you master the turn your shots are guaranteed to go straight and will be right on target.


When swinging the ball for a tee shot, try to keep your head high enough at address so that your shoulders turn in the right direction. Hit the shots with power but don’t overdo or you may have to search long and hard for your ball. Moreover, the best way to master a tee shot is of course practicing. You can even practice in between rounds or take lessons from professionals to maintain the accuracy of your tee shots.

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