A Collection Of Tried And Tested Driving Tips In Golf For Newbies

Driving golfers insane

Driving is the most fun but most frustrating part of golf for newbies. Beginner players love to belt the ball and get a rush of adrenaline when it soars into the sky and goes bounding down the fairway. However driving can also be one of the most frustrating parts of the game and very damaging to your score when you hit it out of bounds or slice it into the woods.

This article will give inexperienced players some tips that they can apply immediately to their games:

  • Leave some in reserve
  • Don't try to smash the ball on every tee shot. Aim to swing at 80% effort to keep the motion smooth while still hitting the ball far. If you go at the ball 80%, you will always have an extra gear in reserve for when you really need to pull a long drive out of the bag.

  • Leave your ego in the locker room
  • Hit more long irons and 3woods off the tees to keep the ball in the fairway. Remember that a good tee shot is measure by position and not distance. It is better to be 200 yards away from the green but in the fairway rather than 350 yards off the tee but behind a wall and up against a tree.

  • Tee the ball high and watch it fly
  • Jack Nicklaus once said, "air offers less resistance than dirt" so make sure that you tee the ball up nice and high. A rule of thumb is to tee the ball so that half the ball is visible over the top of the clubhead when you put the club down.

  • Limit your downsides
  • Manage your bad shot to avoid disaster tee shots. For example, if you know that you always slice that ball, start your ball out on the left of the fairway and it will come back in to the safety of the center of the fairway.

  • Play the course not the man
  • Forget about how long your playing partners hit their drives. Do not get into an ego battle of trying to outdrive them if they are more experienced players than you. Remember that you are not playing the other players in your group, you are playing the golf course and trying to shoot the lowest score you can.

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