How To Adjust Your Grip Pressure To Different Golf Shots

Do you want to know about the correct golf grip pressure that you can adjust for different types of golf shots? Your main purpose is to maintain your grip so tightly that it supports the club weight all through your swing.

In reality, the pressure of your grip on the club will change all through your swing as the golf club weight transforms with its developing speed. However, the crucial thing is to maintain the correct grip pressure during impact and the rest of the things will automatically fall in place.

For getting the grip pressure feel, you can follow a simple exercise, which I also adhere to.

  1. Grip your club and hold it so that it comes directly before your chest, with its shaft being vertical, the clubhead being in the air in a straight line above your hands, and your hands being about chest high.
  2. Now, imagine a scale that is numbered from 1 to 5, where 5 is the tightest possible grip pressure and 1 is the lightest one.
  3. Now, work your way through this scale, by beginning from the number 1 grip pressure. Slowly, increase the tightening of your grip pressure, so that you feel just a slight change at number 2. Then, go all the way to number 5 on the scale, while feeling the change as you increase your grip pressure, till you reach number 5.
  4. For most of the golf shots and circumstances, around number 3 is the ideal level of golf grip. Number 4 is the right grip pressure when you are preparing for a golf club championship tee off. And, a number 5 grip pressure is accurate on the club championship’s 18th hole through a lead of one stroke.

A wrong grip pressure can spoil your golf swing. Therefore, you can eliminate unnecessary blunders in your golf swing as well as the shot by following this 1 to 5 grip pressure scale, which will help you to know the correct amount of pressure in your golf grip.

Did you get the main idea behind your golf grip pressure? You can practice changing and experimenting with your grip pressure a few times by using the ‘1 to 5’ grip pressure scale, so that you get an idea about the different golf grip pressures. Moreover, with some practice, you can discover the right grip pressure for an effortless golf swing, as your hands can give you a tremendous response from the club.

By mastering the right grip pressure, you can change your set up as per the different golf grip pressures for your different golf shots and thus expand your teeing capabilities.

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