How To Get Your Stance Right When Making A Bunker Shot

The bunker shot is perhaps one of the shots that a lot of players tend to struggle with from time to time. Most of the time we have beginner and intermediate golf players who find it really difficult to play this shot. Of course it can give you a difficult time on the course, considering the danger it poses to your scores too. With a number of people watching, the way you tackle this shot will also have an impact on your confidence for the rest of the game. This is why you need to think hard about some of the useful points that can help you get a good shot off the bunker.

One of the most important things that you have to pay attention to is your stance. There is nothing that will matter more than this. For this particular shot, if you cannot get the stance right, you will find your work becoming far much harder than you could ever have imagined. The stance is everything in this shot. The following are useful ideas that will make work easier for you as you attempt to play the bunker shot:

  • Get a good balance

  • Let your hips do the work

  • Position yourself properly

Get a good balance

It is amazing how so many people struggle to get their balance right when they are playing the bunker shot. Getting your balance is important, in the sense that it often allows you the chance to stay standing in an attempt to deliver the ball in the right direction. Without a good balance, you will almost certainly fail to send the ball off the bunker the way you want it.

Let your hips do the work

Golf is not just about the arms and the force that you use to play. It is also about other parts of the body, like the hips. Most of the time players barely ever manage to bring their hips into perspective, yet it is by properly positioning the hips that you will manage to hit the ball off the bunker, and maintain that trajectory you desire.

Position yourself properly

Think about the way you normally position yourself for the bunker shot and then consider what other players are doing. If possible, get some clips of yourself at play, and compare what you are doing with what professional players do, and you will notice the difference and what you need to do.

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