Golf Travel Tips For Booking Villas Near Lagos, Portugal

Until a few decades ago tourists visiting Lagos for their golf holiday only had two main accommodation options to choose from. Stay at a resort or book a room in a hotel. Things have changed and now tourists have options in the form of villas. If you’re thinking of booking a villa for your next golf vacation in Lagos then here are a few tips.

  • Lagos in Portugal is a very popular golf destination. Resorts, hotels, and villas here are often booked months or even years in advance. If you want to stay at the best villas you need to book them before others beat you to it.

  • Every golf enthusiast wants to play golf in Lagos when the weather condition is the best (i.e.) during the peak period. If you plan a golf holiday outside the peak period you will be able to choose from the best villas and book them at discount rates.

  • Villas are your holiday homes for the duration of the vacation. So, before you book a villa make a list of amenities you want in it. Will you be traveling as a group, and if yes, then how many rooms you want in the villa. Do you want a kitchen? If yes, then do you need a cook? Unlike a resort or hotel booking staying at a villa need thorough and early planning.

  • You might be great at conversation or dealing with people, but it’s always a good idea to prepare a list of questions you intend to ask the agent or villa owner. Though there are multiple ways to get in touch with the villa manager, it’s wise to call him. From the other person’s response to your questions, you can learn a great deal about the villa.

  • Ask for the most recently taken pictures or videos of the villa. This will help you in more ways than one. First, if you choose the villa, then you’ll have a record of all the preexisting damages for which you won’t be blamed later. Also, you get to see the villa even before landing in Lagos.

  • Location of the villa is also an important factor to consider. Most golf tourists on a short trip to Lagos will not want to waste time, traveling from point to point. Having the villa close to the golf courses you intend to play will save both money and time.

  • Prior to booking, read the policy document or terms and conditions of the agent or owner. Make sure the contract specifies all the costs and expenses. Furthermore, find out their policy on overstaying and damages.

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