Essential Advice On How To Make Your One-Night Golf Getaway Memorable

It’s nice to get away to play golf especially in the winter when local conditions may be poor, and indeed courses may be closed. Where time is a restriction that can rule out some locations but the regularity of flights to countries just two or three hours away has opened up alternatives. The ideal one night trip is one where golfers can fly early in the morning and play that same afternoon. It’s golf again in the morning before an afternoon flight home.

The weather is always a factor when it comes to a short golf break. There are no guarantees but flying down to Faro in Portugal’s Algarve is certainly an option to consider. It does rain down there but temperatures are certain to be better than in places further north in Europe. It means that courses can be kept in good condition all year round. They don’t get waterlogged or closed due to ice or snow.


The Internet has made it possible to look at golf websites to find out availability and even to book tee times in advance. Of course there is little point in booking flights online without knowing that courses will be available. The beauty of using websites is that there are interactive. Electronic mail allows enquirers to ask for information and available times and to get a fairly immediate response.


In terms of the Algarve specifically there are a few advantages:

  • Regional flights into Faro taking only around 3 hours from the UK
  • A compact area so no courses are too far away
  • Plentiful accommodation
  • Good climate and course condition all year round

The accommodation is the last thing you will need to book. While things are much quieter outside the summer season there is a tourist infrastructure of hotels and restaurants more than happy and able to satisfy the needs of visitors. There is little time to enjoy the area and its beaches with just a single night away but there is certainly time to enjoy the local cuisine. Seafood is extremely popular with fresh produce a feature of Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine in that. The wine is excellent but with an early morning round the next day perhaps you should not open that extra bottle?

A memorable weekend can be booked online from the comfort of your own home so why not give it some thought?

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