A Tried and Tested Method To Cure Chipping Yips

Get Rid Of The Frustrating Yips

From being attributed to a neurological defect to citing psychological reasons, the chipping yip has been talked about a lot in golf. It is considered as an affliction, which has had some disastrous consequences for many players and nipped promising hobbies in the bud. The search for a long lasting solution for the chipping yip has been going on for many years with moderate success. Here is one time tested and proved method that can cure you of the dreaded chipping yips completely.

One hand only

Studies done on chipping yips reveal that the yips happen in either the left or the right hand and not both. Therefore, you can for starters try the club in both your right and left hand and find out which hand gives the twitch difficulty. When you have identified the hand with the problem, use the other hand to grip the club tighter, while you get a looser grip with the twitching hand. This will minimize the influence of the yip markedly.

Slow movement

You can correct the yip in the bad hand too when you make the right moves. This can be achieved when you practice the stroke slowly. This will eliminate the twitch effectively. Once the twitch has been removed, you can increase the tempo to a speed at which you are comfortable and repeat it. This helps to ingrain the motion in your mind and prevent any damaging influence.

Trick your mind

If the yips occur only in the longer version of the game, try to chip the ball in a line straight off from the front tee position. In case the yip is triggered by a full swing, convince that you are just bunting the ball forwards, but when you hit it do it as hard as you can, so it turns into a full-fledged shot.

Since the feel and touch of the shot is influenced by your thoughts by tricking your thoughts, you can distract them away from the yips. Giving your brain some tricky problems to solve like trying to count backwards from 100 or other such tasks you can make the swing work better without anxiety or pressure coming in between.

One way to deviate the focus from the ball is to concentrate on the landing spot instead of the ball, when you chip. In case of putt, you can look at the breaking putt apex or for shorter putts on the hole directly. Focus, as you can see is the main thing to practice to be free of the chipping yips.

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