Basic Golf Instruction On How To Carry Out A High Iron Shot

When it comes to playing golf, there is something that every player out there always works so hard to improve on. There are a lot of people who have tried to perfect the high iron shots over time, but ended up failing altogether. This is not necessarily one of the toughest shots to perform, but then again with some practice, you will realize that it can be a really easy shot.

There are so many players who need to learn how to master the high iron shot, and if you have never done that in your life, this is the one chance you have to become better at it. We will share with you a few instructions herein that will help you become better at the high iron shot, considering that more than 90% of players out there do tend to struggle with this shot.

  • Proper setup
  • Perfect swing
  • Let the club work

Proper setup

The first thing that you have to understand is the need for a good setup for this shot. A proper setup position is just perfect, and will help you start off the shot properly. Alongside a good setup you also need to have a firm grip on the swing so that you can gain better control of the club as you aim for the shot. High iron shots are rather intense, so without a good grip, your chances of success are so slim.

Perfect swing

You must start your swing in the right manner. The most important part of the swing is the takeaway. Sadly there are a lot of players who tend to overlook this important part. It is something that you cannot and should never ignore. In the takeaway, you are supposed to take the club back as far away from your body as possible. This is because bringing the club closer to you will only have your game in a difficult position.

Let the club work

Do not force the club to get your ball into the air. Yours is to control its movement and let it strike the ball. The club is designed with the correct loft, to allow it send the ball into the air. With the descending blow you will simply put a backspin on to the ball, and as a result this will send it further away than you had intended.

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