What To Look For In A Golf Wedge Set: Expert Advice

It is not really complicated to buy a set of wedges

As much as one-fourth of all shots are played with wedges. Therefore, it becomes crucial to have some knowhow of this segment of golf clubs so that you can buy them with precision. If you do not use the right kind of wedge, it may not be good for your game and hamper your scores.

There are four types of wedges:

  • Pitching wedges

  • Gap wedges

  • Sand wedges

  • Lob wedges

The following elements mentioned below should be considered while buying wedges:


It refers to the angle between the clubface and a pretended vertical line. If the wedge has more loft, there will be more rise on your ball’s flight. This results in a higher flight of the ball with less distance. You can buy three or four wedge in order to bring selection and variation to your short games. The ideal gap between two wedges is of four degrees.


It refers to the portion of the club which hits the ground and thus, bounces your golf club through the turf surface beneath the ball at impact. The term bounce is an umbrella term for a number of elements like the angle of bounce, width of sole, leading edge, camber and rocker of the wedge. The bounce angle is there to keep the wedge from poking into the turf or sand and hindering the momentum of the club through the golf ball.

Low bounce wedge can be bought for making a shallow divot on a firm turf, and coarse, heavy sand in bunkers.

Mid bounce wedge can be bought for a wider range of swing type and golf course conditions.

High bounce wedge is used to make a deep divot in soft golf courses, and in deep fine sand of bunkers.


Every wedge is given a distinct color and look, which is called the finish of the wedge. It is absolutely up to your taste and preference as to what kind of wedge you want to buy. However, each kind of finishes wears off over time. Chrome and nickel finishes maintain their appearance and color for a longer time.

Raw or non-plated finishes are designed such that they rust and wear more with time, so that the friction is improved along with the spin.

You might find darker finishes great but the paint wears off with time, particularly on the face and sole. Some golfers are even fond of such marks of wear off.

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