Pitching Techniques Made Easy: How To Have A Good Club Grip

Pitching is an important technique that you should master. When you are learning your way around the game, you will definitely be taught a thing or two about pitching. This is important so that you are able to have an easier time when you are playing. There are certain features of a good pitching technique that will determine how well you can play. If you can follow these keenly, there is a good chance that you will be able to have a really easy time playing golf.

One of the most important aspects of pitching is getting a good grip on the club. With a good grip, there is a good chance that you will eventually get to improve on your game from time to time. It is not just about pitching, but a good grip does give you so much more to look forward to when you are playing. The following are some instructions that can assist you have an easier time when pitching, by having a good grip:

  • Which hand goes first?
  • Position of the grip
  • Set the angle right

Which hand goes first?

Typically for the average right handed player, the left hand is supposed to be first on the grip before your right hand follows through. This is important, for you to be able to pitch properly. You cannot ignore this at all.

Position of the grip

You need to know that the side of the grip of the club is supposed to be against your fingers. Make sure that you do this with the toe up. There are so many beginner players who take this for granted, and in the long run, it messes up their game.

Set the angle right

As you approach the club, make sure that you are holding it at a 45 degree angle. For some reason a lot of players are not able to do this. Getting the angle right will affect how you play. If you do not stay keen on the angle, you will have a difficult time improving or even mastering the basics of the game.

While you have the club in your fingers, you are supposed to be able to determine the level of sensitivity that is upon it, with respect to the position and weight of the club. Allow your index finger freedom to separate lightly from the others, and you will get a better feel.

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